Frosty fruit delight
Frosty fruit delight - a2 Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals

Frosty fruit delight

  10499_A2Icons-Clock  Preparation time: 10 minutes

10499_A2Icons-Bowl  Serves: 3 toddlers



  • 1 large frozen banana (peeled)
  • 6 frozen strawberries
  • 2 scoops of a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink*
  • 100ml of water

*a2 Milk Full cream may be used instead of a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink


Remove frozen fruit from freezer, rinse the strawberries and allow to thaw for a few minutes.

Whisk the a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink and water until a little fluffy.

Slice carefully the green flowerets off the strawberries. Using a chopping board, chop the strawberries into thirds or quarters and the banana into smaller pieces.

Place chopped fruit and the prepared a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink into a small food processor and process until thick, but smooth consistency (check the consistency from time to time).

Some children prefer some lumpy pieces of fruit remaining, to give this frosty fruit some chunk, while others prefer a really smooth texture. So, you may alter the consistency of this frosty delight by using more or less a2 Platinum® Premium toddler milk drink or a2 Milk™.

Spoon into interesting serving bowls for a bit of fun.

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