How much, how often?

Provide around 2 or 3 smaller serves of fruit over the day.

Fun food hint

Make fruit fun like making snakes with cherry tomatoes or faces with melon pieces and berries, or even just slicing, grating or chopping sticks.


Food safety hint

Big fruit sizes should be cut for little people to minimise choking risk and always supervise toddlers when eating.

Sensory food hint

Some kids love fruit frozen (like chopped strawberries and banana)

6 juicy grapes halved
2 slices of wacky watermelon
2 tablespoons of apple compote or other stewed fruit
Encourage your toddler to eat something from each food group on every or most days
5 slices of nectarines or other stone fruits (smaller pieces for little ones)
8 cubes of rockin' rockmelon or happening honeydew
18 wriggly raspberries
2 scrumptious strawberries
9 pieces of mouthwatering mango
2 chirpy cherry tomatoes, quartered
20 bubbly blueberries
3 teaspoons of sunny sultanas or other dried fruit
12 slices of beaming bananna
5 slices of perfect pear
6 pieces of kickin' kiwi fruit
Choose a variety of different colours to increase nutrient diversity
4 pieces of astonishing avocado
2 tablespoons of canned fruit
4 pieces of mellow mandarin
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